The SAUC V5 Issue 1, “Desire Lines: Literal” is about:

Street art and heritage conservation: From values to performativity; Development of art in Kosovo after World War II “The artist’s Art Works after the Second War and their similarities with the famous painters” ; The Local text of a city and public art: in search of a post-Soviet identity; The Brigada Ramona Parra and the art of muralising protest during the Pinochet Regime; From the street to the walls: the “yellow vests” movement in France; Red Army Gra ti: Reconstructing a lieu de mémoire; Con icts of Memory: Red Army Gra ti in the Reichstag 1945-2015; Street Art in Lisbon.

With contributions from Norway, Kosovo, Russia, UK, France, Germany and Brasil.

Published: 2019-12-15