The current editorial year has been marked by significant shifts and transformative changes within the SAUC journal landscape. As we look ahead to the forthcoming editorial year, we are poised to embark on a transitional journey that will encompass both structural modifications and thematic realignments.

Anticipate a discernible shift in the direction of the SAUC journal, as we navigate through these evolutionary phases. While the scientific board and subject matter of the journal undergo a metamorphosis, it's imperative to underscore that the rich publishing history, which stands as a testament to our scholarly contributions and achievements, will remain intact and continue to serve as a foundational pillar of our legacy.

This edition showcases an eclectic mix of authors and articles that encapsulate the rich tapestry of topics within this vibrant field.

Author Biography

Pedro Soares Neves

Pedro Soares Neves (PhD), 1976, Lisbon. Multidisciplinary and post graduate academic training in design and architecture (Barcelona and Rome), and Lisbon University scholar. Specialized in participatory methodologies and informal visual signs in public space (eg, Graffiti and Street Art). Lecturer and urban designer / consultant at metropolitan and city scale (eg, project CRONO), co-responsible for adapting to Lisbon's exhibition "The Street Belongs to all of us" (IVM, Françoise Asher) and winner of the first prize for the “No Rules Great Spot” Oporto. Co creator and professor of “Non commissioned Public Art” workshop and scholar in Science and Technology Management in Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lisbon. Founder of the AP2 (Portuguese chapter of IAP2, International Association for Public Participation), APAURB (Portuguese Urban Art association), and of the Lisbon Urban Creativity Conference and ongoing associated International Research Topic (urbancreativity.org). Editor of the Urban Creativity Scientific Journals (journals.ap2) among other books.

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Neves, P. (2023). Editorial. SAUC - Street Art and Urban Creativity, 9(2), 1 - 7. https://doi.org/10.25765/sauc.v9i2.800