Geometric prehistoric motifs in the mural art of Kosovo


  • Sedat Baraliu Professor at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina, Faculty of Education, Kosovo”
  • Ilir Hivzi Muharremi
Keywords: Art, mural, graffiti, culture, legal


This paper addresses prehistoric murals content in the Balkans with special emphasis those in the territory of Kosovo. In Kosovo, murals are located in town of Ferizaj. The dominant figures in this mural are: the Goddess sitting on the Throne, Urns, anthropomorphic masks of the Neolithic period, geometric shapes in vases and various objects, e. The authors have made an interweaving between the figures and the compositional alignment, while the colors are completely independent of the figures. The purpose is to show the importance of prehistory as inspiration for modern artists. The murals that were taken for consideration are those, which artists have taken prehistoric onomastic elements. The paper examined the spiral, zigzag lines used mostly as elements in this mural. It is known that murals and graffiti have been illegal arts that were used to protest and express the revolt of a people. The main emphasis in this paper is also gender equality in Kosovo, because it deals with the figure of Queen Teuta, who was a very brave, independent woman. The goddess sitting on the throne is also presented, which represents the important prehistoric period of the Neolithic era where man had the will to become the God of nature.

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Baraliu, S., & Muharremi, I. (2023). Geometric prehistoric motifs in the mural art of Kosovo. SAUC - Street Art and Urban Creativity, 9(2), 38 - 45.