The development of Albanian art during the Middle Age

  • Fidan Zeneli Researcher
  • Muhamet Qerimi Associate Researcher


In the latter part of the Middle Age, Albanian urban society reached a high point of development. Foreign commerce flourished to such an extent that leading Albanian merchants had their own agencies in Ragusa, Venice and other medieval urban centres. This prosperity stimulated the development of education and the arts. Therefore, this paper elaborates some significant features about medieval Albanian cultural history. The works of painters and art masters were observed to provide a more comprehensive overview of culture as an integral component of spiritual life, as well as the Albanian medieval history in general. This paper uses a comprehensive and chronological perspective. This approach combines archival sources with contemporary literature to take a literal interpretation of cultural or artistic developments.

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Zeneli, F., & Qerimi, M. (2023). The development of Albanian art during the Middle Age. SAUC - Street Art and Urban Creativity, 9(1), 64 - 73.