Street Rebels with a Cause

Punks and Their Influence on Forms of Artistic Protest

  • Philipp G. Schadner University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
Keywords: zines, street art, aesthetic protest, punk, body art/modification


Within the social movements and protest initiatives of the 1970s especially the punk movement not only questioned and provoked aesthetic values, but also has a major influence to the multitude styles of street and urban art until the present. Since early punks gathered together in the streets, squares or parks of London, and other cities in Europe or the U.S., they use their bodies as canvases to express creativity as well as a form of resistance and direct channel of communication. The main aim of this contribution is to show that punks were participants in the rebel streets as individuals and collective counterparts of mainstream society not only because of their scepsis about the status quo of societal norms and aesthetical ideologies, but also through the maintaining influence on various forms of artistic protest in the urban space.

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