Call for Papers for UXUC V6 N2 (2024)



Artists VS entrepreneurs: overlapping roles for creative citizens.

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban creativity, there is a growing intertwining of roles between artists and entrepreneurs that often challenge conventional approaches to creativity and citizenship. We invite researchers across diverse social sciences disciplines to explore the theme: "Artists VS Entrepreneurs: Overlapping Roles for Creative Citizens."

Throughout history, cities have been shaped by the individuals inhabiting them, reflecting human choices and societal aspirations. As we navigate contemporary urban life, the traditional boundaries between artists and entrepreneurs are fading, leading to a dynamic interplay that influences both the physical and social dimensions of entrepreneurial practice as well as our cities. Thus, our exploration aims to understand how the collaborative actions of artists and entrepreneurs contribute to shaping the identity of a city. From their impact on social processes to the struggles artists face in engaging with entrepreneurship, the interplay between these roles becomes crucial to understand. Indeed, as we delve into the complexities of contemporary urban life, the concept of active citizenship takes center stage. Both artists and entrepreneurs emerge as pivotal actors, engaging with the city not merely as a physical space but as a canvas for social transformation. From this approach, a question arises: “How can the intersection of artistic expression and entrepreneurial innovation foster a more inclusive and participatory urban environment?”

Therefore, inspired by the concept of Urban UX (User Experience), our exploration encourages a re-evaluation of the urban perspective, placing the human experience at its core. Like a well-designed website requiring user-centric design, our cities demand an approach that prioritizes the actions and endeavours of their inhabitants, with a focus on the roles of entrepreneurs and creative citizens. Moreover, this paradigm shift extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing social dimensions and the challenges artists face in navigating entrepreneurial pursuits.

We invite submissions from scholars in social sciences, creative industries, entrepreneurship, and cognate disciplines to contribute with their insights to this discourse. Join us in exploring the intersection of Artists and Entrepreneurs as key players in shaping the identity and social processes of our creative cities, forging a path towards a more vibrant, equitable, and resilient urban landscape. Together, let us unravel the complexities and potentials of the overlapping roles of artists and entrepreneurs in fostering creative citizenship.

Deadline for Abstracts, 15 of July
Full paper, 15 of September
Review until 15 October
Publishing in November/ December

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Mattia Boscaino (he/him) Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Birmingham Business School, Department of Management, University of Birmingham, UK

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