Call for Papers for UXUC Vol 6 No1 (2024)


“Re-inventing the urban – re-imagining concepts, methods, and media to research urban spaces”

In the long and ongoing process of planetary urbanization, urbanity has appeared as a ubiquitous topic in disciplines ranging from sociology, urban studies, and economics, to literature, design, and contemporary art. As the chosen environment for most of todays’ cultural and academic elites, urban space acts as an ever-present backdrop for unfolding posthumanity. How to live together in todays’ cities, how to confront challenges together, and how to think about urbanization as a global phenomenon creating social, technological, and cultural networks all around the globe have become pressing and ongoing questions that stir the curiosity of researchers, artists, politicians, and contemporary urbanites alike. In the face of multiple crises, we are confronted with the cascading effects of climate change, intercontinental migration as well as political and economic uncertainty. Meanwhile, urban centers with their cultural capital, innovative potential, and economic power appear as ideal places to look for inspiration, change, or maybe even revolution. As an approach that takes the ubiquity of the urban into account, the concept of planetary urbanization tries to describe urban existence as interwoven in international networks of production, consumption, and sociocultural interaction that span the entire globe. Hence, the urban is understood as an all-encompassing concept, which holds the potential to change the world and how we experience it.

To create new perspectives on lived urbanity, its possibilities, consequences, structures, forms, and expressions, we want to invite artists, researchers from different fields, urbanites,and other interested authors to submit abstracts on the topic of “Re-inventing the urban – re-imagining concepts, methods, and media to research urban spaces” until April 8 (max. 300 words). In the planned journal issue we want to reunite different multidisciplinary perspectives on contemporary urbanity and explore what it means to live, work, and create in cities on the cusp of the posthuman era. We want to invite authors to present novel methodological approaches and applications, innovative theories and concepts, as well as inspiring perspectives and technological solutions on how to work with and on the topics of urban spaces and urban life. Especially, we want to re-imagine contemporary notions of urbanity and think differently about urban futures, finding new pathways to confront today’s challenges. Contributions to this journal issue, hence, could chart the way towards new imaginations, potentials, and perspectives on the urban that can change the way we understand urban existence.

Submitted and accepted publications will be published in UXUC – User Experience and Urban Creativity Journal in August/September 2024. Also, individual contributions can be presented at the 11th edition of the Urban Creativity Conference at the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts from June 20-22, 2024. Please send abstracts to and find other relevant info related to the publication below.

UXUC – User Experience and Urban Creativity Journal

Philipp Schnell, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Submission guidelines:

Deadline for Abstracts April 8 2024 (max. 300 words)
Manuscripts until July 6 2024
Final versions: End of August/Mid-September