Welcome to the new Urbancreativity.org website !
The old website is still online and accessible trough the Books and Past Activities tabs.

All 2022 articles are available online 
full open access, check them on the Journals tab.

Call for papers 2023 is Open! 
The submissions are open to all Journals. Open the page of the Journal and select Submissions > Make a New Submission. 

All the abstracts and papers on every Journal received until 1 of June will be also analysed for conference presentation. The participation in the conference is a decision of the authors, it's not mandatory to present in the conference in order to get published. Notifications of acceptance and question if the author have interest in presenting in the conference will be sent out by 8 June 2023.

If you have interest on co-editing an issue
and/or organize a panel in the conference
please fill this form: https://forms.gle/QbDHaHwxCEKNt2uD9

We will celebrate a special date this year, the conference and activities will reach the 10th edition.
More details about the conference theme and activities on the next newsletter.

For those who wish to participate in the conference without presenting a paper, registration will open soon.
Authors of accepted abstracts do not need to register.

2023 Calendar:
12 of February - Call for papers for all journals and conference are open;
Until 1 of June - Abstracts and papers on every Journal will be analysed also for conference presentation;
8 of June - Notifications of acceptance and question if the author(s) have interest in presenting in the conference;
6 - 8 July 2023 - Lisbon Urban Creativity Conference and Activities
1 of September - Last call deadline for full papers on every journal (for issues not yet published);
Until 15 October - Conclusion of all pending reviews (we expect to review as soon as issues get populated).
15 of December - End of all pending layouts (we expect to layout as soon as issues get reviewed). 
31 of December - End of editorial year, all issues launched (we expect to publish issues during any time of the year).