Open Access Funding

Article publishing charge (APC) is a charge associated with publishing full open access (no payment or subscriptions needed to access the published content). APC supports services which help with the trust, quality and impact of published articles. Access here for informatin about all our payments.

Open Access (APC) funding options

National or International main funding bodies, can support publishing research grants trough:
- directly from funders;
- research organizations (funded by main funding bodies);
- sub unit's from research organizations (funded by research orgs);
The Funding Bodies follow local and international policies regarding OA.
To know more about the existent funders, research orgs and unit's please browse the:
Registry of Open Access Repositories Mandatory Archiving Policies (ROARMAP) 

Institutional publishing agreement models
Agreement models an affordable option that allows authors to freely publish in our open access journals. The institution pays an annual flat fee and all articles that have a corresponding author from the institution are published free of charge (no APCs). Put your institution in contact with us at