Activities 2024


2024, June 20, 21 and 22 Lisbon, Fine Arts Faculty



Here's the zoom call link that we will use for all remote talks:

20 of June, Thursday

9h30 - Fine Arts Faculty Conference room opens
10h - Welcome Session: Pedro Soares Neves, UC/ AP2 executive committee

Opening Keynotes:
- Jeffrey Ian Ross, Ph.D.; School of Criminal Justice, University of Baltimore, USA - Competing hypotheses on the development of contemporary graffiti and street art in Berlin

- Javier Abarca, independent researcher/ urbanario/ unlock and tag conference, Spain - Art & Place: Bridging the gap between furtive and authorised public art

Submissions speakers panel:
- Erik Balbuena, Universidade de Vigo, Spain - Buffing. Unintentional and independent urban painting*
- Ana Gariso, Universidade Nova, Portugal - Trains and white vans – graffiti across cityscapes, before and after the internet
- Sara Pinto-Bastos : Walls with History: A Dialogue Between Street Artists and Communities

12h30 – 14h30 – Lunch Break

- Susan Hansen - researcher, Middlesex University, London UK - Nuart: A Critical History (remote)

- Ivan Segura Lara, PhD Researcher teacher Hubei Province China - Ubiquity in Time and Architectural Space

Authors/ studios presentations panel:
Bisco Smith 
Pedro Esteves (ML7 Lisbon Metro Book)

Social program
17h – 20h: UNLOCK + Blackbook Drawing and Sketching table @ Crackids - Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Armazém A Porta 20, Cais do Sodré

20h30 Dinner - Cais do Sodré area*

21 of June, Friday

9h30 - Fine Arts Faculty Conference room opens
10h - Urban User Experience remote panel
Philipp Schnell, Austrian Academy of Sciences (remote) - Ubiquity, Urbanity, and the Performance of Urban Spaces in Arts-based Urban Research
Ningfei Xiao, Simon Twose, Hannah Hopewell, Victoria University of Wellington (remote- Relational Encounters in Urban Public Spaces: A Feminist Posthuman Autoethnographic Becoming of a Site-Specific Performance.
Vera Penz, Ana Mumladze-Detering, Schwimmverein Donaukanal (remote) - Swimming Is Winning - the Case of Urban Bathing Revival in Vienna’s Danube Canal

11h30 - Submissions speakers panel:
- Christian Gerini, Researcher in philosophy and art history, France - An astonishing synergy between cinema and local villagers: the “Cinémanouche” cinema in France
- Laura Prikule, Riga, Latvia - Recurrent Concepts and Themes on the City Walls

Peter Bengtsen (remote)
- Once in a lifetime, once again: on an intervention by John Fekner and Brad Downey in Lund, Sweden

12h30 – 14h00 – Lunch Break

Video Documentary presentation (±60 min)
- Isabel Carrasco - International Education, Program Director, Marist College, Spain - Filo-Ubiquity. Lorenzo Pezzatini projects for public space 1977-today
- Vittorio Parisi - Director of Studies and Research, Villa Arson Nice - Université Côte d'Azur, France - Muralismo occulto

- Anton Polsky, Ugly Graffiti, Antistyle, and ‘Shithole’ Post-Socialist Aesthetics (remote)

- Ondřej Škrabal, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC), Hamburg University, Germany - Graffiti Scratched, Scrawled, Sprayed: Traversing Epochs, Straddling Traditions

Social program:
17h – 19h: Art Battle and Talk by YYCS - Yes You Can Spray @ Caracol da Graça
19h30 Dinner - Graça area *  


22 of June, Saturday

9h30 - Fine Arts Faculty Conference room opens
10h - Conference room (Grande Auditório)
Andrea Baldini – School of Arts, Nanjing University, China (remote) - Graffiti and the Ubiquity of Resistance
Laima Nomeikaite - Street art, heritage and ephemeral paradox (remote)

Submissions speakers panel:
- João Quintela, CEACT/UAL, Teaching architecture through intervention in public spaces: the case of the ALDO dog
park in the Quinta do Loureiro neighbourhood

- Gonçalo Folgado, Rain is also planted - in situ/ Benfica H2O
- Lelde Suetcue, Germany, Thomas Baumgärtel alias @bananensprayer, his spray-banana, his actions and intention behind it

Siri Egeland, Enrico Bonadio (remote- Unauthorized use of street art and graffiti in augmented reality – Virtual Infringement of Copyright?

12h30 – 14h30 – Lunch Break

ocial program
15h00 – BUS tour by GAU - Lisbon city council, departure from Fine Arts Faculty
- Chelas (Rua Gualdim Pais e Estrada de Chelas)
- Bairro da Quinta Marquês de Abrantes (MURO 2017)
- Estação de Braço de Prata
- Cais do Sodré (return).

* (to confirm)



Program partnerships: Unlock; Crackids; GAU/CML; YYCS

Here's the zoom call link that we will use for all remote talks: