Call for papers new deadline

It's classic, September it's here, and we are giving some more days for the generic call for papers deadline. This is the moment were you do the short strech and place the research idea into words, or even remember the you already writen article or essay and decide to share it on one of our journals. We are very confortable on SAUC journal for that we have a specific new calendar: 15 of September - Last call deadline for SAUC full papers. As suitable) use the other journals freely, the chance in getting published (and waived) is higher there. 

On these journals:
CAP - Public Art Journal
AIS - Architecture Image Studies
BBDS - Black Book Drawing and Sketching
UXUC - User Experience and Urban Creativity

1 of October - Last call deadline for full papers
The submissions are open to all Journals. Open the page of the Journal and select Submissions > Make a New Submission. 

2023 Calendar:
12 of February - Call for papers for all journals and conference are open;
Until 5 of June (new date) - Abstracts and papers on every Journal will be analysed also for conference presentation;
8 of June - Notifications of acceptance and question if the author(s) have interest in presenting in the conference;
6 - 8 July 2023 - Lisbon Urban Creativity Conference and Activities

15 of September - Last call deadline for SAUC full papers
1 October -Last call deadline on every journal

Until 15 November - Conclusion of all pending reviews (we expect to review as soon as issues get populated).
15 of December - End of all pending layouts (we expect to layout as soon as issues get reviewed). 
31 of December - End of editorial year, all issues launched (we expect to publish issues during any time of the year). 

During the 10 editions of Urban Creativity (UC) activities, conference and academic publishing we have identified that new disciplinary corpus were built.

Uniquely and as in nowhere else, the sum of all presentations and published articles, made us gather the most advanced collective knowledge about graffiti and street art. Simultaneously we have made an active effort to keep the filed open, make it pervasive to other disciplinary views and influences, in particular connected with participatory planning processes, trough user research and experience.

The present post graduation translate this path into tangible classes with intended application on potentially high impact professional contexts (as in city council technicians, architects, planners, public space designers, or applied human sciences officials).

The UC:UX course have modules. The enrolment in only one module is possible (with lecture and final project of the module). To obtain the post graduation certificate the enrolment on all modules is necessary.

Post laboral (Lisbon time) contact hours 42 each module, 84 hours final project, from February to July 2024. FEES and more informations are still to be announced.

Post graduation is part of the University of Lisbon - Faculty of FIne Arts.
Coordinated by Pedro Soares Neves ( / with tutors:
Javier Abarca (unlock book fair and tag conference) responsible for the Graffiti module.
Stephanie Marsh and Quentin Lefevre on the User research and Urban UX module.

Pre registration form is now available.

Send us this form and we keep you informed about the course. You will be placed on a list of intrested.