The City in Dialogue, Reflections of Lisbon and the Underdogs Public Art Programme [2013-2023] Book Review

  • Pedro Soares Neves


This publication is a celebration of the 10-year relationship between Underdogs, a cultural platform, and the Lisbon institutional dimension of urban art, Galeria de Arte Urbana. It navigates a delicate balance, avoiding extremes and polarization, seeking recognition without fully realizing its potential—a book that, in its compromise, leaves room for a possible 10-year-old paradox to be explored.

The absence of detailed information about the artists and authors is compensated by an innovative fusion of "The Citizens" texts with images, creating a nuanced, non-declarative narrative that encourages self-interpretation.

The book not only serves as a visual feast but also as a exploration of the program's impact on the city's cultural fabric, examining the dynamic interplay between art, societal narratives, and the urban environment. As the final remarks unfold, the reader is left with a resonating appreciation for the Underdogs Public Art Programme's decade-long journey, celebrating its role in shaping a cityscape where art is not merely a visual spectacle but a powerful medium for cultural reflection and societal engagement.