Authors are able to submit an unlimited number of manuscripts to all open access journals through an annual flat fee. Universities, libraries, research units contact us to know

How our Article Processing Charges (APC) work
Authors are advised to check with their departments and libraries if funds are available to cover open access publication costs. AP2 Journals Article Processing Charge rates are:

Independent researchers: 50  eur - Payment Link (card/ paypal)
(with no support from any Institution, no affiliation mention or reference)

Institutional payment: 250 eur - Payment Link (card/ paypal)
(fee payed by the Institution, with affiliation, e.g. University, Research unit reference)

The payment must be processed after the  paper acceptance for publication.
The paper will not be processed and published without the respective payment.

This journal is also available in printed version make here your order.

For APC and printed version volume agreements (editor printing cost) email
 referencing the university, library, research unit, institution department/ person.