Hybrid Cultural Heritage in Ukraine

Social and Conceptual Mediations for the Construction of a Research Mini-Encyclopedia

  • Pedro Andrade Universidade do Minho, Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade
Keywords: hybrid cultural heritage; hybrid war in Ukraine; Hybrid Discourse Analysis; Alphabet of Interconceptual Relations; research mini-encyclopedia


Within contemporaneity, cultural heritage is increasingly circumscribed in terms of a “hybrid cultural heritage”. Such social phenomenon and subjacent mediating concepts mean a cultural archive built, deconstructed and reconstructed by a people, integrating contributions from diverse cultural memories. Ukraine has a cultural heritage that can be understood as the historical and social mix and intermediation of multiple heritages, not only subsidiary to the Soviet era, but also to pre- and post-Soviet epochs. The present essay aims to articulate this reality with the “hybrid war” of aggression perpetrated by the Russian Federation’s “Hybrid State” on Ukraine since 2014. The methods employed here include Hybrid Discourse Analysis, a procedure proposed by the author, which is based, among other working instruments, on an Alphabet of Interconceptual Relations, which interprets social processes through sociological propositions detectable in textual, imagetic, cinematic and virtual sources. One result of this study is a mini-encyclopedia on Ukraine cultural heritage within the present crisis conjuncture.

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Andrade, P. (2023). Hybrid Cultural Heritage in Ukraine. CAP - Public Art Journal, 5(1), 8-33. https://doi.org/10.48619/cap.v5i1.768