Sculpture and sustainability

The inner dimension

  • Sara Inácio PhD candidate,Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal


This work aims to investigate the relationship between contemporary art, namely an area of ​​sculpture, and sustainability. Our hypothesis is as follows: sustainability, in a general sense, is only genuinely realized from the development of consciousness, of the inner dimension (ethical and spiritual) of each individual. This assumption is, in our view, the fundamental key to a more sustainable art and way of life. We begin by describing and analyzing the evolution of the concept of sustainable development and sustainability from its source to the current 17 sustainable development objectives of Agenda 30. We introduce and explore the recent concept of personal sustainability as a condition for a deeper change in the current paradigm. Then we define some criteria for assessing sustainability in the field of sculpture: in the inner dimension - ethic and spiritual: the creative process from the inner connection, the potential of the work to generate a transformative inner experience; in the social dimension: promotion of collaborative processes; in the environmental dimension: materials and construction processes of work that take into account the preservation of the planet. Finally, we critically analyze three sculptures in the light of these criteria.

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Inácio, S. (2020). Sculpture and sustainability. CAP - Public Art Journal, 2(1), 120 - 131.