Cultural Resistance To Covid-19

An Encyclopedia of Public Art for Artists and Tourism Publics?

  • Pedro Andrade University of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre, Portugal
Keywords: hybrimedia, hybrid methods, hybridology, public art communication studies


In the present pandemia situation, new solutions must be found, to overcame the impact of the Covid-19. This text discusses two of those collective answers: 1. Socio-cultural resistance movements organized by art professionals and their publics. 2. A practical knowledge instrument for such action. One of the most relevant publics of public art is the cultural tourist. In this articulation between a social activity and an agent, a practical sociological objective lies in the construction of concrete tools for clarifying public art applied to tourism activities. For example, in the form of an Encyclopedia of Public Art, which can be useful for various agents involved in both the cultural world of public art and in the social universe of tourism. These public art’s agents or publics, and tourist audiences, include researchers, teachers, students, travel agencies, museums, galleries and other institutions, NGOs, cultural associations, as well as tourists, citizens and immigrants. For this purpose, a brief Glossary of Public Art is presented here, one of the necessary tools for the construction of the Encyclopedia of Public Art. The themes and issues announced and enunciated, to be included in the Encyclopedia, are divided into two areas: (a) current social processes: eg. mobile cultures and arts, graffiti, digital public art, creative city, smart city, city 3.0, culture 3.0, web 3.0 or social-semantic network, digital cultural tourism, tourism 3.0, creative and innovative tourism, communicative tourism, mobile locative tourism; (b) theories, concepts and new methodologies for the study of public art addressed to tourist communication: among others, public art communication studies, hybridology, hybrid methods, hybrimedia.

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