E. M. de Melo e Castro

The artistic laboratory jumped into the street in 1974!

  • Cláudia Guerra Madeira FCSH/NOVA, Portugal


In December 1974, Ernesto de Sousa interviewed Ernesto de Melo e Castro about his exhibition "Concept Uncertainty" presented at the Buchholz Gallery in Lisbon. In such occasion, Melo e Castro referred to the importance of artistic laboratory research that he considered as important as in science, saying that on April 25, this laboratory jumped into the street! Walking through the streets of Lisbon, Melo e Castro showed how the Revolution had opened the doors to the creative manifestation of the people, which was revealed in the inscriptions that appeared on the walls and even in traffic signs.

Author Biography

Cláudia Guerra Madeira, FCSH/NOVA, Portugal
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