Evaluation of Primary School Gardens with Landscape; The article titled “Van / Turkey Concept Design Sample

Keywords: Modeling, Primary School gardens, Landscape design


It has been supported by many studies that learning areas are not limited to classrooms and the positive physical activity of the environment is a part of education. School gardens, which can contribute positively to the physical, spiritual and social development of children, are also accepted as areas where children acquire permanent habits, behaviors and thoughts during their education period.

This study focuses on the evaluation of primary school gardens with landscape design. In this direction, it is aimed to determine the compliance of the primary school gardens in the city center of Van with the determined guidelines and standards and to model an exemplary landscape design project. In the schools where the current situation analysis was made, it was seen that the area per person and the usage areas that should be in the school garden were insufficient. It has been revealed that the existing usage areas do not comply with the determined guidelines and standards. The study area is located in İpekyolu district, which is the city center district of Van7Turkiye. On-site observation and examination, oral interviews with children and expert opinion were obtained in 12 primary schools selected according to certain criteria. As a result, it has been determined that the existing schools should be improved in terms of usage areas in a way that will contribute to the development of children. Landscape design modeling was carried out with the aim of setting an example for the pilot school selected with the data obtained at the end of the study. It is thought that the outputs of the study can constitute a basis for the improvement works to be done in the gardens of the existing schools or for the school garden projects to be made in the future.

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