A Restoration Proposal for Topkapi Palace- Harem Şimşirlik Pavillion (Arslanhane-cage)

  • Fatma Sedes İstanbul Aydın University, Turkey
Keywords: Şimşirlik, Arslanhane, cage in Topkapi Palace, stone rooms


Also known as Şimşirlik Pavilion (Arslanhane-cage), which was built adjacent to the high stone masonry wall between the Şimşirlik Garden and the Elephant Garden, in the direction of the Topkapı Palace Harem Department facing the Golden Horn. It is seen that it stayed on the side of the Boxwood Garden (Şimşirlik). One of the short facades of the rectangular masonry building with a flat roof and alternating walls rests on the vaulted passage connecting the Boxwood Garden (Şimşirlik) and the Elephant Garden, and the other rests on the rubble masonry stone walls that carry the pool of the Favorites Office. The ground floor, called Stone Rooms, Row Rooms, has survived from Şimşirlik Pavilion (Arslanhane-cage) to these days.The cage is the place where the princes who are likely to ascend to the throne are kept under constant observation in the Harem of the Ottoman Empire. As stated in the Fatih Law in the first years of the Ottoman Empire, the murder of the brothers, who were seen as rivals, was approved in order to maintain the existence of the sovereignty. According to this code, it has become common for the newly ascended sultan to kill his brothers who could be rivals together. Although the system of keeping possible heirs under house arrest in a cage was the guarantee for the continuation of the dynasty, this time, the deterioration of the mental health of the new rulers, their ignorance of the people and their ignorance of their state management skills caused many problems. Now, it will be written a restoration proposal for these stone rooms which carry the souls of princes kept a long period of their life .

One of the sources that cause the most damage on historical buildings is people. People,in various ways such as abuse, faulty repair, deliberate destruction, neglect, abandonment may cause deterioration in historic structures and materials. The buildings are suitable for their convenient functions.İmproper use, being extended with attachments or repaired by wrong method sare bad examples. New materials add many benefits to existing natural building blocks but they may cause harm. Negligence and abandonment is the destruction of the entire exterior of the structure.It to be vulnerable and vulnerable to influences. Thus, causing material deterioration precautions should be taken Atmospheric and environmental effects show their effect faster.

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