Topkapi Palace Harem Hospital

  • Fatma Sedes İstanbul Aydın University, Turkey
Keywords: Meyyit Gate, Topkapi Palace, Topkapi Palace Harem Buildings


Concubines Hospital is located in the northwest direction of Topkapi Palace, between the high stone walls bordering the Harem gardens and the Concubines’ Office. The courtyard of the Concubines’ Department, the last building of the Harem, is connected to the courtyard of the Concubines Hospital by a wide stone staircase called the forty-stairs, but actually consisting of fifty-four steps. On the southeast façade of the Hospital, there is the sloping road called the Great Embarkation, where the sultan entered the Harem on his horse, and the Shawl Gate. The Meyyit Gate, located on the south-west side of the building, is connected to the I. Courtyard. At the end of the porticoes, on the right and opening to the Has Stables from the second courtyard, is the Meyyit Gate. If there was a funeral in the palace, it would be removed from here. In addition, since the middle door was closed early, those who came to iftar during Ramadan nights were also sent off from this door.

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