Sci-fi representation and heritage

vertical city - horizontal layered links

  • Pedro Soares Neves CIEBA / ITI - Lisboa, Portugal


Here are shared the first steps of an exploratory approach to a personal subject of fascination. The relation of drawing with the city of yesterday and tomorrow (ideally built trough the participation of us all). It’s a vast and wild territory of knowledge, that can have many different directions of exploratory approach.

Author Biography

Pedro Soares Neves, CIEBA / ITI - Lisboa, Portugal

University of Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts / Artistic Studies Research Centre (CIEBA/FBAUL)
Associate Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems / Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI/LARSyS)

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Neves, P. (2021). Sci-fi representation and heritage. AIS - Architecture Image Studies, 2(1), 67 - 79.