Conjuring up the Jinni

Keywords: fiction, narrative, semiotics, drawing, imagination, literature, experimental architecture, art interpretation


Through the conduit of the literary fiction, 'The Tales of the Arabian Nights', and a practicing artist's use of its narratives as a subject matter for an evolving project, this paper explores the relationship between the writer, the reader, the imagination and the artist. It looks at the idea of the textual, the mental and the drawn image and the spaces in which they appear. This essay is an experiment in itself; the writer offers up both the text and drawings, and the reader/viewer is invited to make their connections and conjure up their own conclusions.

Author Biography

Rahesh R. Ram, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

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Ram, R. (2020). Conjuring up the Jinni. AIS - Architecture Image Studies, 1(2), 85 - 94.